How to Do a Sample Essay in Marathi

Writing sample essays in Marathi is not an easy task. They are very difficult to come up with. It requires lot of thought and planning to put all the pieces together in a manner which conveys the right message. Let’s take a look at some tips which I have gathered over the years in order to get the ball rolling when I am writing about myself in Marathi.

A story or a description of something really exciting must be first planned and then kept in mind. Once the entire idea and perspective is available, one can then proceed to the writing part. Just the thought or the idea of starting the process or story, which shall carry on the theme, will give me immense pleasure. Such stories and the descriptions will always end up being a hit.

The first part or the introduction is the most important part of the story or description. It is where you grab or attract the reader’s attention. The writer does not have to elaborate much about himself but should be able to tell his story in the way he wants to. Some people prefer to give their audience some background information and only briefly sketch out their personality and what drives them.

The second part or the ending is where the story or the narration turns to another segment. This could be the most thrilling part of the story. Some writers might give more information about themselves in this section. There can be some funny incidents which made the story even more interesting. The best part is when the story ends with a quote from any notable person.

When writing a sample essay in Marathi, one should be very clear about the goal he is trying to achieve. Is he trying to show his ability or his philosophy or his religion or his sexuality? Once this is decided, the writer will be in a better position to plan and write the essay. how you can help should be the same irrespective of the language that is used.

There are many ways of telling the story. There are poems called ‘Nusatek’ which can be written for this purpose. However, it has become pretty easy nowadays to find the gist of the story from the daily newspaper. It is not necessary to follow this tradition though.

There are many modern authors who prefer to write short stories using the Marathi language. They find it easier to depict the thoughts and emotions of their characters by using short paragraphs. If the writer chooses this route, he should keep in mind that the simplicity of the piece will be lost if the plot becomes intricate.

Another way is to go for the theme-based sample essays. These tend to be very short yet very complex since the writer has to relate each and every event that is occurring in the story to the theme he has chosen. This can become really confusing at times. Even a story about how the baby was abandoned would be rendered useless if it is put into the context of a particular culture and region.

The writer first prepares a storyboard using all the significant events in his life. Then he plots out his entire story using his storyboard. This will make it much easier for him to incorporate each event in the storyboard and give a cohesive flow to the story. Even the transition between scenes and the different characters and aspects of the story can be easily portrayed using this technique.

The style of the Marathi storyboard is generally dependent on the medium in which it is being used. In short, a traditional Marathi storyboard would use Arabic writing while a Hindi storyboard would use Bollywood style. A Spanish storyboard would use simple words while an Indian storyboard would use more colorful words. The best thing is that the style can always be adapted if the medium is changed drastically.

One of the easiest and yet most effective ways to do a sample essay in Marathi is by using the computer. There are various software available that one can use in the quest of doing this kind of story. Some of these softwares have storyboard templates where one can plot out his or her story. Some of them also have audio file options that allow the writer to narrate the story thus creating a more authentic look.

Another interesting way of narrating a story in Marathi is by creating a voice module in the computer which is then embedded within the storyboard. This is basically the same as a storyboard but instead of using a storyboard, one uses the voice module which contains all the necessary details of the novel. All one has to do is to set up the microphone and let the software do all the rest.